Tendering Stage:

In order to survive in a competitive market, competitive pricing is the key. The pricing in a tender reflects both the quality of services and quantity of work. Cristalla has its own team of Quantity Surveyors to critically evaluate and access the pricing of each item within the project. Our experienced quantity surveyors ensure that both the precision in pricing and the efficiency of work would be maintained. We are confident that our pricing would bring our client the best value of services.


Our procurement department takes an important role in project management. Timely delivery of the materials and products is one of the key factors, which determine the success in a project.


Cristalla also carry out design-and-build projects. It is important to listen and communicate with your clients to provide the customer-oriented services and products successfully. The team would provide the design based on the client's needs. Our target is to provide a design, which could incorporate client's needs into a practical and realistic design.

Project Management:

Cost, time and quality are the three key factors in project management. The project department of Cristalla would create a balance of the three factors in order to carry out the project successfully. The department does not only have project managers and site supervisors to have a good supervision of the site. It is also fully backed-up by our project administration team, which ensures that the company would have a resourceful database and there wouldn't be any blockages in communications between the others parties and our company.