Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
- Phase 1 – 12/F General Wards, 13/F ICU & ICU Wards, 16/F RDU
- Phase 3 – 19/F Physiotherapy, 33/F & 35/F Private Wards, 36/F & 37/F Deluxe Wards
- Fan Block – 2/F Department of Surgery
- Fan Block – 3/F Department of Medicine (Comprehensive Oncology Centre, Chemotherapy and Consultation Clinic)
- Pui Block – 9/F Allergy Centre, Department of Paediatrics and PPC
St. Paul Hospital
- Design & Build of Interior Fitting-Out Works at Conversion to Paediatric Ward
- Temporary Works to Existing Office on G/F to 2/F
- Design & Build of Interior Fitting-Out Works at Block C, 2/F
St. Teresa’s Hospital
- Renovation Works at 3/F, South Wing of Ward’s
- Refurbishment Works of Private Wards (M7F)
- A&A Works for External Cladding Wall
- Expansion Project at Scanning Centre at B1/F
Union Hospital
- Fitting-Out Works for Paediatric Ward at 7/F
Baptist Hospital
- B1/F Nursing Changing Room, PAU Room & Shower Room, Franki Centre